New “bioengineered food” labeling term causes confusion for some consumers

New "bioengineered food" labeling term causes confusion for some consumers

The introduction of new labels indicating the presence of bioengineered food ingredients at grocery stores has sparked a mix of confusion and concern among consumers. Stemming from a 2016 law aimed at standardizing the labeling of genetically modified foods nationwide, these labels are meant to offer transparency. However, they have also reignited the ongoing debate about the safety of scientifically enhanced foods. While some experts like Dr. John Griffis emphasize that bioengineered foods have undergone rigorous testing and pose no known health risks, groups such as the Center for Food Safety argue that more research is necessary. The controversy extends to the adequacy of the labeling regulations, with ongoing litigation challenging the USDA's implementation. Meanwhile, individuals like holistic health coach Tiffany Cubbison find themselves navigating through the complexity, seeking information to make informed choices for themselves and their families. Overall we prefer REAL FOOD just the way God made it.

FORT MYERS, Fla. — There's a new label you might notice next time you're at the grocery store – “contains a bioengineered food ingredient”. It stems from a law Congress passed in 2016 to create a national standard for labeling genetically modified food. It was created right as a

“GMO was something I was more familiar with and it’s something I’m really conscious of with my ingredients,” said Tiffany Cubbison, a holistic health coach who lives in Fort Myers. […]

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