Food choices for the average American – this is not good.

Not Loving These Food Choices

It’s the month of love, especially for my wife and me.  We are off on a mini vacation for our anniversary.  We are staying at a newer, name-brand hotel that serves a hot breakfast.  They promised a healthy breakfast.  Well…bless their hearts, as my wife would say.  The problem is that among all of the traditional healthy foods, the only possible whole foods were the “cage-free eggs” and the sausage patties.  And, yes, I am skeptical about whether the eggs were real or powdered, and I am wondering about the ingredients in the sausage. 

But what about yogurt?  Yogurt is healthy.  My wife makes it with our raw goat’s milk.  But wait.  The ingredients included in this container have a lot more than my wife would put in.  Lots of ingredients, and that sneaky little footnote that it “may contain bioengineered ingredients.”  [See our other article in this edition for more about that!]  Okay, milk.  How can we go wrong with milk? There were 3 choices: oat milk, skim milk, and 2% milk.  Now we would never expect to get raw milk anywhere but home, but there wasn’t even any whole milk.  Oat milk seems harmless, even though I have never seen teats on any of my oats.  But I guarantee there are over a half-dozen ingredients in something that should be oats and water…if you believe in milking things with no teats.

Oatmilk (Filtered Water, Oat Concentrate), Contains 2% or less of: Sunflower Oil, Vitamin and Mineral Blend (Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Riboflavin [B2], Vitamin B12), Dipotassium Phosphate, Sea Salt, Gellan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C To Protect Freshness), Natural Flavor.

Original Oatmilk – Silk

 There were also two sausage choices, including vegetarian sausage.  Now, that definitely sounds healthy.  Unless you read the ingredients on 99% of meat alternatives.  There is almost no food value and a lot of chemical value.  Folks, just eat meat or don’t. 

This typical, healthy hotel breakfast really got us thinking.  This is what most Americans think of as a nutritious diet.  Sugary, bio-engineered “yogurt”, super processed “milk”, meat with no meat, not to mention all of the preservative-filled bread products.  We need to rethink healthy, America.  We need to start eating real food again.  We need to stop poisoning our bodies.

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